What makes you laugh?

admin July 6, 2012 0

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Lets face it. Farts are funny. Yeah, that’s right, farting has probably been the subject of laughter since the first human raised a cheek and let one go. Because of the tremendous success of flatulence, many devices, toys and other gaseous gadgets have come into existence for our amusement. But of course humanity couldn’t stop there, nope, now we also have plastic poop and stink bombs to add to our ever growing arse-nal of of potty pranks. One might think these things would get old after a while, ohhh no the power of FART has endured the ages and will continue to endure as long as humanity exists.

If you enjoy playing pranks of your fellow friends, co-workers and unsuspecting family members, it’s guaranteed that there’s the perfect product online to help you with your most devious of prankster plans.

No matter what amuses you most, I’m sure we have what you need so keep pranking and thank you for visiting us at TheJokeShack.com!

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