The Shocking Pen!

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I’ve owned three of these little beauties. At a price tag anywhere from $1 to maybe 5 dollars, this extremely affordable prank is easily worth 10 times the price.  The shock pen is a classic and the joke just never gets old. There are many ways to get your ‘victim’ to click the button such as asking them to sign something, to draw a picture or that it is a squirting pen (when they try to squirt someone with water they get a shock instead). The pen packs quite a punch but is harmless and will not injure anyone. It will definitely wake them up and get their attention! Have an annoying classmate or friend that never remembers a pen? They will never ask you for one again once they get ahold of your shock pen! You may want to buy several because everyone will want to keep or buy yours! Check out the video below and see a compilation of people getting zapped!


2X Shocking Electric Shock Novelty Metal Pen Prank Trick Joke Gag Toy Gift Funny
Current Price: $5.48
Time Remaining: 22d 15h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $5.48



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