Birthday Gag on Facebook

admin June 15, 2013 0

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I have a younger brother who was born in the month of June (like myself).  His birthday was June 2nd and mine the 14th  (different years of course).

It all started on June 2nd when I posted this on his Facebook page, just making a quick joke of his 30th birthday:


” Happy Birthday Bro! See you soon old man! ;o)
Your birthday present is on back order (its the deluxe model with a basket)”





Well, of course my birthday was only 12 days later, so when I woke up on the 14th, I found this on my Facebook wall:



“Happy Birthday Bro! I hope you like your present! I got you the extra absorbent ones, with padding!”





Moral of the story, expect revenge when your brother is better with Photoshop than you are.

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